Justin Seymour


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The Story Behind the Music


Ever had a Crush on someone but couldn’t tell them?

As a High School Teacher my students don’t think I see them and their personal struggles, but they are wrong. This song was written when I noticed one of my students clearly had a crush on a girl in class, but was too afraid to talk to her. He was clearly “Enamored”. I was able to get my students involved in this song too. The music video was made with my students as actors and it was even filmed and edited by one of my former students. You can watch the video by clicking the image!

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In the Summer of 2017 I lived in Spain…

While living in Spain I was approached by a Roma woman that wanted to read my palm. Among other things she told me that my Spirit Animal is a “Black Bird”. She didn’t know I was a musician however the black bird symbolizes many things for example, they are appreciate for the “beauty of their melodies and songs”. Blackbirds also symbolize clairvoyance, since they are clever, mystical, intelligent and associated with the concept of ‘higher things’, Interestingly this fits perfectly with the name BODHI which means “Awakening” and “Enlightenment”

This is my oldest song…

I wrote this song in 2011 when I first began experimenting with progressive guitar music. In fact I released an early version of it in 2011 under a different project, however I decided to rewrite most of the song in 2017 to release as BODHI. The opening of the song is a guitar players dream as it involves intricate two hand guitar tapping and some odd contortions of the hands to make the riffs possible…watch closely. Click the image to watch a guitar playthrough.


Are you a night owl like me?

On this album “Simple Pleasures” every song was named for one of my favorite simple pleasures in life. “Midnight Oil” was named for my love of staying up late into the night and writing music on my guitar. The feeling of being in the flow of writing as time passes one of my favorite feelings in the world. Often I will stay up well into the early morning and when I finish I realize many hours have passed without my noticing. Click the image to see a sick guitar playthrough of Midnight Oil.

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The excitement of an affair only lasts so long…

But, it is exciting nonetheless. This song was written during an affair. The secret of having another person in the shadows of the periphery of your life can take a heavy toll on ones psyche. If you pay attention to the progression of the song it begins soft and sensual and builds to become increasingly more intense much like having an affair itself.

After your affair it’s only appropriate to have a little Pillow Talk…

We are rarely as honest and intimate as the words we share after the act. These are some of my favorite conversations to have, which is why this song made it onto the album Simple Pleasures. Click to see a guitar playthrough of Pillow talk.


I lost my Best Friend.

My earliest memory in life is being three years old and playing with my friend at our day care. That friend would be my best friend through my life for 24 years. We went to school together, hit on girls (not very successfully), he was my best man, and the person I went to for everything, then he was gone. My fondest memories of my childhood are thinking about the times we played together and I wrote this song as my Catharsis.

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Remember to appreciate the Simple Pleasures in Life.

The title track to my last record is also the first I wrote for it. We often forget to appreciate the small things that bring us the most happiness. A smile from a friend, a fond memory, creative moments of solitude, a nice drink on a hot day etc. This song and album was written as my way of always reminding myself to have gratitude for those things and I hope that you think about the simple pleasures in your own life as a result of listening.